1101 kilobits of thought

Bits and pieces of English Composition text analysis, discussion and projects.



Hello, my name is Rafael, I am from a small city in the southeast Brazil, and I am an Aerospace Engineering freshman at Georgia Tech. Welcome to my website!

Here, you will find some of my reflections, posts and projects in English Composition, which mostly address the relations between science publications, mainstream culture and the public. To navigate the content, use the menu on the left, as it contains links to all pages. Completed projects will have their individual pages, and there is a single page for works-in-progress. Posts are going to appear in the Blog section as they are published.

In case you are curious about me, these are some of my personal facts: I enjoy talking about airplanes, music, computers, scientific articles and bicycles, as well as other random subjects. Talking to someone I don’t know can be initially difficult for me, and I take some time to use the word “friend”. Also, I believe that one of the advantages of being at Tech is that it is easy to find people who create environments where there is meaningful discussion, which helps me acquire several pieces of useful information and have ideas to communicate my own thoughts and undertake projects.

Please enjoy my productions, and remember to leave a comment if you want to join the debate, as I will be glad to read and reply to it.